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Art preparation is important to expedite your job, and to get quality work.    Please look at the information below and feel free to call or email with any questions.  We are here to make the ordering process as easy as possible.



email us with any questions or call 800-662-1001

Art Submission

Computer Graphics:

We use Mac and PC's.  Software programs Adobe Photoshop CS, and Adobe Illustrator 10 as our primary graphics software. We accept most artwork files that can be imported in any of these programs.

If you are sending us photographs or computer art files that contain photo-like images, we usually get very good results with .tif, .psd (Adobe Photoshop) or high resolution .jpeg files. JPG and .psd files give us the best results for creating photo t-shirts or computer art t-shirts. If you are scanning images to send to us, scan at 200 to 250 dpi, this will produce excellent results. If possible, keep file sizes under 5 meg.  Please compress your files using WinZip or Stuff-It and we'll unzip them on our end.  If it is more convenient, you may also burn a CD and mail it to us.

If you are sending art to be used for screen printing, we prefer vector type files. These are files that have been created in programs like Adobe Illustrator. Bitmap files, e.g.: Photoshop .psd or .tiff files saved at 300 dpi or greater should also produce an acceptable result.

Our program of choice is Adobe Illustrator. If you send us Illustrator .eps files, please convert all text files to outlines prior to sending to us. This can be done by doing the following: Once you have completed your layout, select all text items and click on  "create outlines" from the Type menu. Then save and e-mail us your file.   It is very important that you do this, as we may not have your fonts on any of our computers.

We also get excellent results with Illustrator EPS (Adobe Illustrator) files or CorelDraw files that have been "exported" as .ai files. To send us .ai files that have been created as .cdr files in CorelDraw, follow the "create outlines" procedure as outlined above and then use the "EXPORT" command to save your file in .ai format or .eps format.

Here are the type of files that we can accept: (We use PC's, and Mac's.)

Ideal Files:

  • Adobe Illustrator EPS or .ai
  • Windows Metafile .wmf
  • Photoshop EPS or .psd
  • Adobe .pdf
  • Tiff files

Less than Ideal Files (May incur an art charge):

  • JPG  use high resolution when sending
  • BMP creates “stair steps” in lines… careful on text
  • Microsoft Word .doc or docx
  • Microsoft Publisher .pub
  • Microsoft Powerpoint .ppt
  • GIF

Camera-Ready Art: Bitmap (.tiff, or .psd files) artwork for screen printing on garments should be saved at (200 to 250 d.p.i.). Ideally, the art will be saved precisely sized to the imprint area specifications of the item that will be imprinted. Black and white line art should be scanned at least at 600 d.p.i. Line art drawings are best if sent to us in vector format, i.e. CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe .pdf formats.

If sending halftone images, keep in mind our maximum l.p.i. capability for printing on garments is 55 lines per inch.

You can send us artwork files via e-mail to us or on CD's or floppy disks.

We use scanners with 600 dpi optical resolution. We output through 720 dpi PostScript printers for creating positives for screen printing.

Artwork send  by fax and can is generally poor quality.  Send via email or disk.

We can also accommodate those individuals supplying hand drawn artwork, through scanning, photocopying, and traditional paste-up methods. Remember, if you have any questions regarding artwork, please send us an e-mail to us. We'll be happy to help you.

Take advantage of our FREE art files.   Clean, sharp and professional art

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